About Us

Our Story

If we time travel a couple of years back, there were not many authentic online stores that provided the ease of buying guns from the comfort of our homes. MM Range wanted to cater to this problem and came up with the idea of selling guns online but only from trusted and reputed brands. We are the one-stop gun shop because we make it possible for gun enthusiasts you buy the guns of their choice from any brand in one place.

How it All Started

Not going to lie our journey was not smooth. We started MM Range sales from humble beginnings. Starting an online firearms business where you provide all big and famous gun brands under one roof is not as easy as it might seem. Of course, it did not happen with the snap of a finger. This process involved many sleepless nights and countless hours of hard work.

But all of this did not help us back from pursuing our dream. After continuous hard work and struggle, we were finally able to launch our dream online in the form of MM Range. Now for over two years, we have been providing firearms lovers with the weapon of their choice to their doorstep.

Our Mission

Starting this online business was the biggest milestone in itself. With your support and love, we aim to be listed in the USA’s leading and trusted online firearms suppliers. No doubt this requires more hard work and more determination. And we are ready to invest all of this and more.

Our Vision

Our vision is pretty straightforward – to be recognized as a trusted online firearm business internationally. A pretty bold statement to make. But what is worth achieving if you don’t keep your goals harder. With small but firm steps and a measured pace, we are working hard to achieve our goals.

Share Your Feedback and Keep Supporting Us

Do you have a question to ask or feedback to share? We are always willing to help. You are always welcome to contact us either by calling or leaving a message at customer care. Rest assured, your personal information, such as your E-mail address, is safe with us. Our customer service team is available 24/7 and is comprised of skilled specialists. They are eager to help you place your order and answer any questions you may have.