Ak 47 Magazines

AK 47 Magazine

AK 47! The prestigious, ever-popular, and highest-in-demand Kalashnikov that has been ruling the weapon industry for decades.

Used for various security purposes, we hardly see it losing its elegance in the future.

While it is capable of firing over 600 rounds per minute, what you need for your monster to get the high-quality AK 47 magazine.

But it is hard for you to check out the market and lock on the magazines that come anywhere to bear this high-frequency firing rate of AK 47.

For that, we offer different shapes and quantity-assistive magazines for your monster. All you have to do is to carefully pick according to your needs.

Wanting to correct your aim and target shooting and that too occasionally? Go with the low-quantity one. And then you need an AK 47 rifle for security purposes (guard the home, mansion, banks, etc.; pick the magazines that house a larger quantity of rounds.)

AK 47 Drum Magazine

The AK 47 drum is for heavy-duty security. MM Range offers various AK drum mag in different round capacities. The top of the line is AK 100 round mag following 75 round AK drum, and 60 round AK mag to pick from.

And the steel AK mags are the good ones to go because they can easily withstand the higher firing frequency.

It is always advised to go with the drum magazine AK 47 to best deal with the situation.

However, the drum magazines are considered to be housing a couple of dozen rounds but it is not always the case; a 10 round drum magazine is the fact allowing you to take the burst fired in nanoseconds which not the standard magazines can fire at that much higher rate.

Despite the fact that a 10 round drum magazine is pretty low to be called an AK drum, it still takes the standard-sized bullets for AK 47.

And when we have to trust the nicely-built AK drum mag, do not beat the deal of owning surplus AK magazines if you can get one.

So take the best look at our entire collection of drum mag AK47 made with high-standard steel material!

The people mostly look at AK-47 coming with the standard magazines but rounded ones are not that common. However, we can heavily count our trust upon the standard-sized AK magazines but the AK47 drum is the sensation that exists in the market for a long but is not that popular.

So, be ready to give the jaw-dropping look to the onlookers by inserting the AK47 drum, and see them reverting to you inquiring about it!

AK 47 Clip Mag

The AK 47 clip is rather taken as the standard long magazine and not the drum one with the capacity to store up to 30 rounds at max but be it the drum mag or the clip, the good thing is they are all made with high-gauged and industrial-grade steel.

Do not go with the old and hardly-used magazine for the safety of your AK 47, the rust can eventually destroy this masterpiece.

And we do not just sell AK 47 magazine; we also sell AK47 rifles along with many other long guns!