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ASC AR 15 5.56 40rd Mag SS Black


ASC AR 15 5.5G 40rd Mag SS Black

  • UPC: 818805010090
  • CALIBER: 5.56mm, .223rem, 300blk
  • MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 40 rounds
  • # OF MAGS: 1
  • FITS: AR15, and various


ASCAR15 5.56 40RD Magazine

ASC AR 15 5.56 40rd mag SS, Black Marlube with Orange Follower. These magazines are an improvement on a classic, with the highest levels of durability. ASC magazines are manufactured 100% start to finish in the USA using .020 gauge 410 Stainless Steel Alloy, heat treated for superior strength and lasting endurance.

They are chemically treated for corrosion resistance [ref QQ-P-35] and coated with a proprietary finish, Marlube which is a wear-in not wear-off coating that burnishes into the surface providing its self-lubricating properties.

ASC AR 15 5.56 40rd Mag SS Black

MFR#: 40223SSBMO UPC:B18805010090


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